College Football Teams to Watch

Top Five College Football Teams to Watch

Elijah Trest    Staff Writer



Alabama- A top the AP College Football Rankings, the Alabama Crimson Tide boast a 4-0 record. A familiar spot for head coach Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide will beat you on both sides of the ball, playing lockdown defense and getting into the almost as often as any other team in college football. Alabama has 11 athletes on the field at all times and they will shove the ball down your throat every single play. The Crimson Tide are without a doubt the most physical team in the Southeastern Conference.



Louisville- Rolling in at number 3 on the AP top 25 is the Louisville Cardinals. Louisville sports an electrifying offense that is ranked number 2 in the nation and is on pace to put up 50+ points on every team they play this year. A young defense has had to step up and compete, but I don’t see there being a team for the rest of the regular season able to stop such a devastating offense. They are 4-0 for a reason and they will be a tough opponent for anyone who scheduled them in the next couple of years.



Texas Tech- An unranked team that has more or less come from the shadows. Year after year, the Texas Tech Red Raiders have an offense that will score points. In fact, this year the Red Raiders offense is ranked best in the country. Scoring has never been a problem, it’s keeping the other team from scoring that has hurt them. The Texas Tech defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed. On average the defense gives up 40+ points per game. However, it is next to impossible to stop that high powered offense of theirs. Every single game is a Shootout, and if they get their defense in check will be a tough team to stop moving forward. The Red Raiders host a 2-1 record thus far.


Clemson- A “Cinderella Story” of sorts in their last season berth to the National Championship game. Clemson is a team that returns 6 starters on both sides of the ball, a scary sight for any team that stops in their path. With the runner up for last years Heisman trophy running the offense, Clemson is going to be a tough team to contain. With weapons on both sides of the ball, the tigers could very well find themselves back in the National Championship this year as well. The Tigers have started the season 4-0 and have their toughest test in Louisville this week.  



Houston- After knocking off then number 3 Oklahoma, The Houston Cougars solidified themselves as a powerhouse team this year in College Football. In previous seasons Houston has been an underrated program quietly putting together several 8 and 10 win seasons, and even last year’s impressive 13 win season. The Cougars play smashmouth football, with a veteran defensive unit that plays as physical as any in the country. If push came to shove the Houston Cougars could play with any team in the country. The Cougars are 4-0 and have no intention of stopping anywhere but the national championship.


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