Football District Line-Up

Overview of White Oak’s District Opponents


Kason Kienzle   Sports Editor





Hughes Springs Mustangs – Hughes Springs has always been known as a very physical football team, and it seems no different this year. They provide a challenge to any team they face just by their physicality. Before this year, Hughes Springs had been known as a team to chew up the clock and be a run first team. This year they look to be transferring to more of a spread offense and then going back to a run first offense, once they enter the red zone. They look to be the toughest competitor to district champion favorite, White Oak.

Pre-district Record: 3-2

District Schedule:

10/7 – White Oak

10/14 – @Jefferson

10/21 – New Boston

10/28 – Redwater

11/4 – @Sabine

Jefferson Bulldogs – Jefferson always seems to be loaded with athletes. Their athleticism is the best part about their team. They provide more of a balanced offense but tend to run more with 263.2 rush yards per game and 149 pass yards per game. Their coach, Antwain Jimmerson, is a Jefferson Alumni and has a tradition of success in coaching. Look for them to be a possible dark horse in the region.

Pre-district Record: 3-2

District Schedule:

10/7 – @New Boston

10/14 – Hughes Springs

10/21 – @Sabine

10/28 – White Oak

11/4 – @Redwater

New Boston Lions – New Boston is also known for always having athletes. In the past they have had very good football teams, but have seemed to fall off in the past couple years. They are a well-coached football team and know how to play the game. Even though the Lions only average 13.2 points a game, they look to have a shot into making the playoffs and grabbing one of the top four spots in the district.

Pre-district Record: 2-3

District Schedule:

10/7 – Jefferson

10/14 – Redwater

10/21 – Hughes Springs

10/28 – Sabine

11/4 – @White Oak


Redwater Dragons – Redwater has always been known as a time-eating, running offense. They feature a very basic offense, but it can be effective when run well. The 2016 Dragons feature a good mix of upperclassmen and newcomers, with 10 seniors. Look for them to be a possible playoff team, with a good chance of grabbing the 3rd or 4th spot in the district standings.

Pre-district Record: 3-2

District Schedule:

10/7 – Sabine

10/14 – @New Boston

10/21 – White Oak

10/28 – @Hughes Springs

11/4 – Jefferson

Sabine Cardinals – Sabine is known for always being very aggressive. The Cardinals tend to be a run first football team, but will resort to the passing game if needed. They average 372 rushing yards per game. The 2016 looks to be more of rebuilding season for the Cardinals, with them featuring many new, young players.

Pre-district Record: 0-5

District Schedule:

10/7- @Redwater

10/14 – @White Oak

10/21 – Jefferson

10/28 – @New Boston

11/4 – Hughes Springs



White Oak Roughnecks – White Oak is the clear favorite so far to win the district. The Roughnecks come into district play undefeated, and feature a high scoring spread offense with a strong defense. They score often and fast. The Roughnecks are ranked number 6 in class 3A, and look to continue their success into district play. After going three rounds deep in 2015, look for them to have another very successful year in 2016.

Pre-district Record: 5-0

District Schedule:

10/7- @Hughes Springs

10/14 – Sabine

10/21 – @Redwater

10/28 – @Jefferson

11/4 – New Boston




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