Monster Truck Rally

Education Foundation Hosts Annual Monster Truck Rally

Isaac Rodriguez   Staff Writer


The education foundation held its 8th annual Monster Truck Fall Nationals on Saturday, September 10 at Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore. This show was the largest ever brought to East Texas, with 6 trucks and a motorcycle exhibition. Almost every part of the show was ran by school faculty and students, from elementary P.E. coach Mary Underwood selling shirts to superintendent Mike Gilbert directing vehicles in the parking lot.

At the pre-show Pit Party, fans had the opportunity to meet and greet with the drivers of the trucks and ride in noncompetition trucks. Also before the show, the Cody Wayne Band performed for the third year in a row at the Fall Nationals. The band not only played modern country songs, but pop and classic rock as well.

The show kicked off at 7:30 with the trucks zooming in from the pits only to almost drift into the fence of the speedway. After all of the trucks made their appearance, the announcers gave each of them a formal introduction. The monster trucks at the event were Big Chief, Power Surge, Twisted Addiction, Stinger, Big Kahuna and Twisted Addiction.

The first event the the trucks competed in was the wheelie contest with the crowd being the judge. Each truck was given the straight away to gain speed and perform their wheelie. The top truck in this event was Big Kahuna. After this, the motocross riders had their first appearance where they performed several wheelies themselves and did jumps off of the ramp.

Next, there was the racing contest, which was split into three rounds. In this contest, the trucks had to go over two dirt ramps, with the winner having the fastest time. Big Kahuna also won this event, but not without sacrificing something. After this event, the announcer informed the fans that the truck’s $70,000 engine went out. During this time, the motocross riders made their second and final appearance and stepped up their performance. Each move got riskier until the grand finale of a backflip.

The final event was the freestyle contest where each of the trucks had free reign of the course. The course included several ramps with cars and free space to perform any difficult maneuvers. Each truck received a large amount of response from the crowd but Bigfoot eventually came out on top. Then, Stinger challenged Bigfoot to a one on one freestyle match where they both were on the course at the same time, which ended in a draw due to the crowd’s standing ovation.   

Overall, the education foundation’s biggest fundraiser brought in its second largest crowd and almost $800K worth of donations since it was formed in 2002. The money made is used for educational and project grants and senior scholarships.   





Video by Eli Hernandez   Photo Editor

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