Basketball Season Tips Off

Basketball season begins for the Roughnecks


Stone Palmer

staff writer


Starting November 22, the White Oak High School basketball team starts their season off playing old rivals Spring Hill. New head coach Brett Cloud has worked long and hard with the team in pre-season to prepare them for the season. These student athletes believe that with continuous growth and more hard work they will be ready to have a great season.

“Offseason gave us mental and physical toughness to push through any challenge.” Junior Cameron Bates said, “no other team works as hard as we do and it will show on the basketball court.”

Every member on the team has great characteristics and mentalities allowing them to persevere through the hardships of offseason. They all build each other up and work together for the better of the team, as they believe they have what it takes to be great.

“I feel like we are a competitive group of guys and that will help us succeed during the season. I know for sure that we will play our hardest regardless of playing time”senior Anthony Hoyt said,”I think each team member will know and accept their role and have pride with their role on the team, and they will contribute to the best of their ability.”

Each team member has lots to offer whether it’s their good shot, high quality passes, or substantial ball handling skills. However each of these are only strong if the whole team is working together.

“I feel like I can’t look at it as me just contributing to the team, ”freshman Carson Roling said,”but us as a whole that contributes to the team to win.”

Although they are confident and looking good, there is still room for improvement. The areas needed improvement in aren’t completely bad, they are just not up to the standards that White Oak holds in everything they do.

“I think that we need to work on out-hustling the opponent for every loose ball.” Junior Andrew Hood said,”we also need to get every 50/50 rebound, and especially out hustle the opposing team on each trip down the court to get back on defense.”

To see what the team could do, the group of offseason basketball players loaded up and played Hallsville who is projected to be highly ranked in the 5A division. Although losing the team saw that they can play hard and well together and work hard to improve the areas they were lacking in.

“Playing Hallsville helped prepare us for the teams that we will play.” Bates said, “We may not be the biggest team, but we are going to use that experience to drive us to out hustle and be the most aggressive team on the court at all times.”

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