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Learning to Lead at State

Over 5,000 student council members from all over the state converged on the Texas Association of Student Councils convention in Arlington from April 10-12, learning about how other student councils help their communities and handing out pins and buttons to try and get votes for TASC office next season. The convention is held annually and is attended by students from all over the state. WOHS Student Council won sweepstakes, the National Gold Council of Excellence award, Top Ten StuCo award,...


Make A Wish

Holding onto her new marine friend, second-grader Jaidan Johnson smiles for the camera. Jaidan traveled to Florida to swim with dolphins thanks to the help of the Make A Wish Foundation. “Usually in the wild, dolphins only live to be about fifteen, but some of these are fifty,” Jaidan said. “And they’re only supposed to live until they’re fifteen!” As soon as she steps into the small room, her nerves take over. The room is full of cameras pointing her...

Free Fallin’ 0

Free Fallin’

A door slides open, and suddenly the constant whir of the propeller disappears as it is overwhelmed with the roaring winds of the outside. Seemingly silent, someone shouts, “Dropping in 3, 2, 1…,” and suddenly, the wind gains intensity and then, all becomes silent as gravity takes over and the ground moves closer. That same voice counts down, “six-thousand…five-thousand…four-thousand…’chute deployed!,” and everything seems to slow down and the scenery comes into focus. It becomes obvious where the landing zone is,...


Political Passion

The average freshman normally worries about how they’re going to pass Mrs. Yoder-Wiersig’s class, where they’re going to sit at lunch and their follower counts on social media. For freshman Hayley Spencer, she’s more concerned with the future of the United States. Spencer interned for Texas State Representative David Simpson, who is currently running for Texas senator, for a day at the end of last school year as an early start to her political career. “I’ve known for a while...


Chain Reaction

A hush falls over the crowd standing just below the stage. Every contestant lined shoulder to shoulder, their breath trapped in their throats, as they wait for the host to tell them what they have been waiting for all night: the winner of the Miss Gregg County Fair. Grateful for the opportunity, junior Jensen Chain competed in the 2015 Miss Gregg County Pageant, an annual showing of female representatives from each school in Gregg County, on September 17. Chain was...

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